Tuesday, August 28, 2007

got monarchs?

I finally decided to dig up and get rid one of the hibiscus plants that at times has beautiful blooms but seems to be a constant vector/attractant for bugs and pests of all kinds. I decided that the level of insecticide that I had to apply in order for the plant to bloom and retain leaves is not acceptable in my garden. And since I am the queen of my garden and determine what stays and what does not, off with its head.

In the space I planted one of those knockout roses that are supposed to be impervious to bugs, fungus, pests of all kinds. I have another one of these roses in my yard that is doing well, so I figure this type has been “field tested”.

I will keep my favorite hibiscus, of course, the tall red ones with the notched leaves that bloom so reliability, so beautiful, and that bugs do not seem to like. Those are kind of plants I love.

But the most important reason for getting rid of a plant that requires almost constant application of pesticides are the butterflies and caterpillars that are numerous in my yard.

Not taking any chances of killing them.

my first ever monarch caterpillars.

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