Saturday, August 4, 2007

Never forget to be thankful

Well, one never knows really what one could not live without until something happens that gives you no other options. So I will phrase this as this is what makes my life joyful. Every day I give thanks for things that I remind myself the majority of people in the world do not have. People dream about winning the lottery, but compared to millions of people who struggle and suffer just to stay alive, we have won the global lottery. I think about how a life can change in an instant, and try to stay mindful and "Be here, now"

1. A husband who loves, and respects me and encourages me to do whatever I find fulfilling. I am very grateful that my mother is still healthy, active and enjoying life. My Friends of course, especially my oldest friends, the ones that I have known for more than 30 years are still the people with whom I am most comfortable. By this time, I am pretty sure that they accept me completely, with all my faults

.2. I am healthy, at least at this moment in time and work very hard to stay healthy. I feel good most of the time and am able to physically do want I want to do.

3. Clean water-Most people take clean water as a given. But having traveled to places where the water is not clean makes one appreciate the miracle that is clean water on demand. There are millions of people who will never know this luxury in their lifetimes.

We are wasting and “mining” our water globally with dire consequences for the future.

The worst case scenario, if we don’t change our ways … wars will be fought over water and not oil. As global warming takes place, water will become the scarcest resource. Millions will die of thirst and countries will go to war to colonize the water resources.

4. Despite recent efforts to monitor private citizens we still have freedom of thought and movement.

5. Coffee. How wonderful to drink good coffee and savor the aroma, the flavor, and the buzz, and lucky bonus for me, it’s legal.

6. I live in where I can have contact with the natural world, whether it is watching the butterflies in my back yard, or hiking in the mountains. I think I would be a very unhappy person if I had to live in a city, especially most American cites.

7.I am grateful that I do not need or desire much stuff and that I have reached the age where so many things that once seemed so important no longer matter at all.

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Maryanne said...

what a fantastic list!