Monday, September 3, 2007

it's all good (so far)

no current local pictures, so here is one of my favorites from my last trip to Mexico..this is the street that I walked through every day I was in Guanajuato.
I keep waiting for the loud thunk of finding some dire or even minor bad consquence of drinking coffee, but it seems the more research the more good news.
I read this today (as I am drinking my morning cup of Tanzania peaberry from Dark Holllow roasters)

Drinking more than three cups of coffee a day helped protect older women against some age-related memory decline, French researchers said on Monday, giving women more reason to love the world's most popular stimulant. Men did not enjoy the same benefit, they said. "The more coffee one drank, the better the effects seemed to be on (women's) memory functioning in particular," read complete report here

And this study that concludes caffeine and exercise may help ward off skin cancer.
read report here

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