Wednesday, October 3, 2007

So what are you going to do if you catch it?

Kitty aka Spike cat stalking a deer in the back yard. Look closely to see the deer on the other side of the ditch. There were actually 4 deer, but not visible from this photo.
And since we are on the topic of cats, here is a video that I think demonstrates that the feline family can remember and have affection for people.
I don't usually post from other sites, but this is so touching, notice the look of absolute amazement and joy on the lion's face when he sees the people who raised him. When he got too big for them to take care of they decided to release him in Kenya, to live as a wild lion.
In this video a year has passed and the lion has adapted to living with a pride of lions when his old friends come back to visit him.
Video here

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