Tuesday, October 23, 2007

thinking about mangos

Decided to buy some mangos on sale at the local chain grocery store because they were on sale and because I love mangos. I should have know better and waited just a few days until I can get some really good, really cheap, local mangos in Mexico. Not to mention keeping my practice of buying only local or at least NC grown produce.
I have done OK so far, not perfect but a genuine effort. Except for coffee (of course!), a few bags of carrots and celery since May, I have only bought local (mostly at the farmer's market) produce.
So far, my resolve has not really been tested, local produce has been plentiful and delicious. The winter months will be a lot more difficult.
But back to the mangos....the only ones were in the store were green and rock hard. I went to the produce manager to ask if he had more that were ripe or almost ripe. His response "Oh, no when they get ripe we throw them away"
This is so wrong and is a example of why most people in this country don't know what fresh, in season food is supposed to taste like!

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