Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Adios y que le vaya bien, Andee (Good Bye and go well, Andee)

PHOTO Credits from Andee's blog: Mylife in Chacala
I just found out that one of the people who I have met in my Mexican travels and who I consider a friend has died. I was fortunate enough to meet and spend some time with her in Mexico in 2005. She lived in a small town on the Pacific in Nayarit state. People think I am brave to travel to Mexico by myself (No I am not brave, Americans just do not know the country) but Andee truly was brave. She made the decision to move to Mexico, knowing little or nothing about the place she decided to live and came knowing little or no Spanish. She knew that with the retirement resources she had the quality of life she could have in the states would not be good and so decided to try living in Mexico. She had few possessions and was happier with having less. I remember one winter, she could not find a house sitting or place she could afford to rent and so decided to live in a tent on the beach for the winter months. She loved it! She had so many friends there and was well-loved by the locals who lived there. When I was there her social calendar was full of invitations to all kinds of events every day. The children were especially fond of her and the feeling was mutual. We had some conversations about death and dying,and I felt that she had no fear, was content to be where she was and planned to end her days there. She was a caring person with observations that pulled no punches, and who often had uncomplimentary things to say about insensitive gringos behaving badly. However, she was also a truly happy and content person and felt herself very lucky to be where she was. I only wish I had a chance to see her again, I know she wanted to return to Oaxaca one day, perhaps she can "travel" now to anywhere she wishes to go!
If you want to read her blog and see her photos, you can see it here.

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