Tuesday, January 15, 2008

making small changes

cloth napkins instead of paper towels/napkins.
I have no illusions (delusions?) that anything I do will change the tipping point of death of so many creatures and the destruction of natural cycles that our behavior has caused. My actions are so insignificant compared to the plastic gyre the size of Texas in the Pacific, or for that matter the economic forces that focus on the bottom line and short term profits for a comparative few and the lack of concern by the overwhelming majority of anything beyond what they can buy (most Americans) or how can I get enough food and clean water to survive today(millions of people around the world)
Having said all the above, it is still amazing how much less paper products (paper towels and napkins) we have been using since I decided to use my quite colorful, beautiful, and washable cloth napkins. (from Patzcuaro). They take up no significant space in any load of clothes we wash and are completely colorfast.

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