Thursday, January 31, 2008

testimonal week?

I have another product that I have not been without since I discovered it. Since I am slightly allergic to all the family of topical antiseptecs (bacitracin Neosporin, Polysporin, etc.) I use different and in my experience more effective natural products.
By far the best is a blend of herbs and plants in an aloe base that is made in North Carolina. Going by the name "Wounded Warrier" (supposed to have some of the plants that the Cherokee used) you can find it in health food stores or order it from
I find it to be a remarkable healing ointment for any kind of skin thing you have going on...from insect bites, scratches, abrasions, itchy rashes etc. I realized how great this stuff was when I recommend it to John for a scaly, red place on his nose that the doctor has treated several times and that John has treated with other ointments. I recommended he use 'Wounded Warrier" and within a week the skin on his nose looked better than I have seen in years, no long pink or scaly but smooth and a healthy skin tone.
There are lots of testimonials on the web site, however I take "testimonials with more than a grain of salt, however, even if the following is made up, I still like it.
Testimonal: I live in Venezuela at the moment and used a great deal of the Wounded Warrior, sharing it with others, while in the Amazon jungle in Ecuador this summer. The mosquitoes at that time were absolutely vicious there and all of us had scores of very itchy, painful bites. Wounded Warrior saved the day, as we applied it several times a day to help with itching and speed healing. Everyone loved it! I carried it everywhere with me, but unfortunately my backpack was stolen a couple of weeks later in a market town in Ecuador and I lost it. Cindy Renkas

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