Saturday, January 5, 2008

we be southern

Saw this sign on the way to the grocery store, thought it interesting that it listed all the local down home foods on one sign.

We were invited to a evening worship service because a friend of ours has a daughter who is a deacon in the church. (our friend also happens to come every other week to clean our house, John has employed her for over 20 years now)
I am reminded how great cultural differences are in how church services are conducted, not only a racial, but also regional cultural difference. First, one rarely sits during the service, shouting out, dancing, waving of arms and moving around is the norm. On stage with the deacons (all women) was a band with an electric piano, drums, and two guitars, the music was gospel blues to accompany the sung and shouted praise. We were the only white folks there and tried to participate by standing, clapping, and swaying but only enough not to stand out more than we already did.

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