Thursday, February 28, 2008

time shift

I find it scary how time seems to be passing so quickly for me (and perhaps for so many creatures on the planet as well) I think that perhaps frogs are the "canaries in the coal mine" for our species. But on a personal level, time seems to have gone into another dimension of rapidity. Some say that this is a reflection of getting older, the different perspective that time has once we know (conscious or unconsciously) that the time we have left is likely less than the time we have lived. Or perhaps it is a reflection of my very fortunate life, which is full of variety of activities, some altruistic, some purely self indulgent, and others a mix of the two. But I have been intrigued lately by some reading I have been doing about the Mayan calendar. One interpretation is - we, or rather Consciousness have been down this same road seven times before over the last 16 billion years. Each of these cycles of Creation runs 20 times faster than the last one. The same amount of Creation is paced 20 times tighter. This is why time seems to be going so fast. It is not "time" but Creation itself that is accelerating. We are entering into the 5th cycle of the underworld, with the 6th cycle of the Mayan calendar being empty after 2012. Crackpot idea, maybe, but the Mayans did predict celestial events well into the future, way beyond the time of the Mayan rulers and to quote Shakespeare "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

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