Sunday, February 10, 2008

wildlife art festival in our town

What do you do when there are no more places for wildlife to live? Have a "celebration" of wildlife represented by artists’ representations of all those animals. As you know I sometimes exaggerate for effect, but every day all around me I see more trees being cut down, more huge houses being built where trees used to be, more hunters chasing after fewer animals with places to hunt overused, overcrowded or just disappearing. At times it seems that hunters (and I use the term to refer to those who honor the animals they kill and want to see conservation of those animals and their habitat) are some of the most effective voices for wildlife.

So lots of very good paintings, wood carvings, and other animal representational art of all types, with an emphasis on wild bird decoys was represented at this festival. Most of the art is of a very high quality; the hours of work this bluebird represents amazes me.
Also carving contests, retriever trials, duck and geese calling contests (a 12 year boy was a national champion) and a chance for John to talk with his friends who share his interests in waterfowl.

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