Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Autism Another world

I have always thought that there are many different modalities of relating to and perceiving the world. We are so narrow in acceptance on the proper or even functional way of experiencing the world. So I think some of the new ideas about autism are fascinating. There is a video here that was made by an autistic woman in which she uses technology to explain her very valid ways of experiencing the world. I think this is actually quite moving and made me think about our limited understanding of human potential or the way the mind and brain work.
Quote from this article "The video clip opens with a woman facing away from the camera, rocking back and forth, flapping her hands awkwardly, and emitting an eerie hum. She then performs strange repetitive behaviors: slapping a piece of paper against a window, running a hand lengthwise over a computer keyboard, twisting the knob of a drawer. She bats a necklace with her hand and nuzzles her face against the pages of a book. And you find yourself thinking: Who's shooting this footage of the handicapped lady" link to video clip here

Sunday, March 9, 2008

bio bottle experiment

I have been buying my juice in some bottles that say that are bio degradable in 100 days. Does not say in what conditions this will occur. I would think that buried in a landfill this would happen very slowly. I would also think that in sunlight this might happen more rapidly.
So here is the picture of day # 1. In my tiny efforts I do not delude myself that everything beautiful is dying or threatened. My pitiful efforts to recycle, buy less, conserve, etc. essentially amount to nothing. For example, above is a recent picture from the NY Times showing the supposedly protected butterfly reserve in the Central Mexico mountains. “There are a number of sawmills around the area that are busy eating away at the forest,” “These are organized groups that go in armed sometimes. This is wholesale clear-cutting.”The photographs show that cutting is taking place inside a protected “core zone” established by presidential decree in November 2000, according to the NASA Web page.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

somewhere in North America there are masks

Mardi Gras in Glouschester, NC (near Sea Level (town name) NC.