Sunday, March 9, 2008

bio bottle experiment

I have been buying my juice in some bottles that say that are bio degradable in 100 days. Does not say in what conditions this will occur. I would think that buried in a landfill this would happen very slowly. I would also think that in sunlight this might happen more rapidly.
So here is the picture of day # 1. In my tiny efforts I do not delude myself that everything beautiful is dying or threatened. My pitiful efforts to recycle, buy less, conserve, etc. essentially amount to nothing. For example, above is a recent picture from the NY Times showing the supposedly protected butterfly reserve in the Central Mexico mountains. “There are a number of sawmills around the area that are busy eating away at the forest,” “These are organized groups that go in armed sometimes. This is wholesale clear-cutting.”The photographs show that cutting is taking place inside a protected “core zone” established by presidential decree in November 2000, according to the NASA Web page.


Maryanne said...

Any updates on your bottle since your trip to Mexico?

+1Water said...

Hello Carolina,
Your test of biodegradability is commendable but I fear if the bottle is similar to our +1 Water +1 bio-bottleTM. it will not biodegrade as you hope. These bottles are made from PLA (polymerized lactic acid /made from corn) and are more accurately compostable. They will biodegrade in an industrial compost facility in +/- 90 days. The bottle generally requires a sustained heat of about 60C for two weeks or so to start the breakdown before the microbes take over.