Tuesday, May 20, 2008

got skink?

a male broad head skink in red headed breeding mode. He disappeared when our one-eyed kitty came strolling by. Also saw a nice little garter snake, but (do not worry, Jerry, no pictures here!)
Last year I found a five lived skink in a nest with her eggs, this was around June as I recall, here is the link to my post showing mama and her eggs.

Monday, May 19, 2008

what a waste.....

from the NY Times....articles on how much food we waste. I try to waste nothing, but I am sure I can do better.

Click here to see the the slide show.

Monday, May 12, 2008

views from Nags Heads Woods

this small hilly wooded area between the sound and the ocean is owned by the nature conservancy.

a few more beach pics

Here are a few more beach (Nags Head) photos from our April "leave the allergens behind month"
These are from the Charles Kuralt trail that goes around a wildlife lagoon, lots of wading birds and I saw a baltimore oriole, but impossible to get a photo. I did get this turtle with a beautiful design on his back, have not tried to identify yet.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

you can't make me grow up

(me in a beach chair in Manteo)

another sunset

I think it is strange that when I am traveling in Mexico I feel the need to post almost daily but that when I am living closer to home, I post less. I think when I am far from home, I feel the need to let people know I'm OK and also I have heard that my many fans like my photos and stories about my travels (I use many fans facetiously here, but I do know my Mom likes to my daily travel updates!)
But I take pictures almost every day that I think are worth sharing with someone...
We are back from the "escape the allergens second annual April at the beach" trip so here are some sunset views, we were facing the sound side this year instead of the ocean side so we got to see some great sunsets.