Wednesday, February 11, 2009

know about red maples?

Swamp maples are one of the earliest trees to flower here, and even without seeing them in bloom we would know by my allergy suffering husband. Mid February is the beginning of his worst time for allergies and this year is no exception. 
But they are beautiful and reading my favorite naturalist writer, sometime posting from Mexico, but now back near Natchez Mississippi they are unsual in the following way.....(you can read this complete entry and others online at:JIM CONRAD’S NATURALIST NEWSLETTER
The photo credit is also from this newsletter

RED MAPLES FLOWERING Especially with sunlight backlighting them one of the most gorgeous signs of spring right nowis the flowering Red Maples, Those are male flowers, for maple flowers are"polygamodioecious," which means that individual trees  are polygamous and that  that trees can bear only male or only female flowers OR both male and female flowers can reside on the same tree, BUT the most common condition is for trees to have only all male OR all female flowers. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

giant flowers take over home

Terra Ceia farms has the bulbs that make the biggest, brightest, blooms.  We give them due respect and admiration in our house, and they brighten my day every time I see them. I think that for me anyway, the power of beauty and brillant color in living things has a powerful effect on mood.