Friday, May 29, 2009

population explosion...

We have about three generations of baby Canada geese on the Washington waterfront.
Quite a few people are enjoying the geese. When I was taking these pictures there was a couple feeding the geese.
Feeder: I love the babies, they are sooooo cute!"
Me: Yes, they are cute, we certainly are getting more geese each year.
Feeder: Oh no, these geese will leave in the fall. We buy a truckload of bread (day-old bread, I assume) each week just to feed the geese.

Of course, our Canadian geese follow the trend of becoming non-migratory with the population increase that comes from less natural threats and truckloads of bread. From a single flock of a few birds several years ago, and none on the waterfront, we now have several hundred at least. 
But who am I to spoil someone's pleasure in making contact with another living creature, even one that is close to becoming an invasive species. In these pre global collaspe times, it really makes no difference.

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