Saturday, July 18, 2009

no explanation

Our wood stove has been moved by forces we cannot explain. This cast iron is the single heaviest object in our home, it cannot be moved by either of us alone.
Today, I noticed that the stove had been moved about 5 inches in a way such that the connection with the stove pipe was now at an angle. Here are the pictures I took of the movement. I am almost positive that this movement happened last night or early this morning, I think I would have noticed this fairly significant crooked aspect of the stove as soon as I saw it.
I took this picture and labeled to show the movement marks. This stove is so heavy that it took both John and me to move it back to the proper position lined up with the stove pipe and parallel to the lines on the stove pad (composite stone material). Nothing else around the stove, nothing else in the house has been moved or changed position at all.
This is extremely strange and quite frankly, a tad creepy. Anyone....thoughts on this?

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